School Council

We would like to thank our School Council for their involvement with the school.  They are very active and supportive. 


2023-2024 Council Meetings

  • September 19/23
  • November 14/23
  • January 16/24
  • March 19/24
  • May 14/24

2023-2024 Council Members


Chairperson: Duane Skinner   
Vice-Chairperson: Deamma Volk
Secretary: Shantelle Skinner          
Treasurer: Tara Schaffer      

Parent Reps

ECS:  Ashley Pare                      
Gr. 1-3: Caitlin Gilchuk                 
Gr. 4-6: Amanda Pare             
Gr. 7-9: Jodie Waselick            
Gr. 10-12: Jennifer Waters   

School Council Address

Box 421
Chauvin, AB  T0B 0V0