Staff Directory


Photo of Celeste Matovich

Ms. Celeste Matovich


Administrative Assistant

Photo of Annette Dallyn

Mrs. Annette Dallyn

Administrative Assistant


Photo of Jennifer Waters

Mrs. Jennifer Waters

Community Librarian/School Learning Commons Facilitator

Teachers - High School

Photo of Samantha Dyer

Ms. Samantha Dyer

Math 7/8, 9, 10C, 20-1 & Health 3/4

Phone: 780-858-3744

Photo of Celeste Matovich

Ms. Celeste Matovich

Social Studies 7/8

Photo of Wendy Molle

Mrs. Wendy Molle

Gr. 9 Homeroom, Science

Photo of Tarla Olson

Mrs. Tarla Olson

Social, PE, Grade 12 Homeroom

Photo of Larenn Watson

Mrs. Larenn Watson

Gr. 10/11 Homeroom, Jr & Sr ELA

Teachers - Elementary

Photo of Taylor Johnson

Mrs. Taylor Johnson

Gr. 5/6 Homeroom

Photo of Laura Kelley

Mrs. Laura Kelley

Gr. 5/6, Gr 3/4

Photo of Allison Nyberg

Mrs. Allison Nyberg

Gr. 1/2 Homeroom

Photo of Tracy Smith

Mrs. Tracy Smith

ECS and Inclusive Learning

Educational Assistants

Photo of Heather Rodgers

Mrs. Heather Rodgers

Photo of Linda Russnak

Mrs. Linda Russnak